Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is Banning Books really necessary?

Why would you ban a book if every individual should be smart enough and know what to do with the information the author gives them?  What do you as a person get from banning books except taking away a great source of information?  Books give us all sorts of information so why would you ban some of them?  If you don't like a certain book then don't read it, it's that simple.  Banning books is never then answer to your disagreement with a certain book and you should really just be mature enough to stay away from it.  Books are a great source of information and none of them deserve to be banned.

What if somebody banned a book you really loved, wouldn't you be upset or angry?  The Giver is a really great book but you need to be mature enough to be able to deal with the information that it possesses.  If you don't want your child reading a certain book then prevent him from doing so, but don't prevent a whole state or country from doing so.   Banning books isn't the right thing to do and needs to be abolished.  I say this because many people love books such as The Giver or How to Kill a Mockingbird so why would you prevent them from reading a book they liked so much?

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