Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Personal Response

What struck me deeply as I read chapters 17-22 is prejudice. In today's world we don't have as much prejudice as we used to in the 1900's. Prejudice in the 1900's was discussing to me because in this book a colored man named Tom Robinson was not guilty but just because the jury was prejudice they said Tom Robinson is guilty. I knew from the jump start that they were going to say Tom was guilty because he is colored. This was so unfair because his lawyer (Atticus) did everything he could to prove that Tom was innocent which he was.

All the evidence Atticus gave to the jury on how Tom couldn't of hit the girl he is being of cursed of rapping and beating up because he can't use his left hand and who ever hit the girl had to be left handed. I know everyone in that court room knew Tom was innocent but they didn't want to say he is innocent because he is colored. Also, while I was reading these chapters I learned justice back then was not judged as they are today with how much evidence and who is actually guilty or not. Back then they just judged on who they liked more. If you were colored you are guilty from the start of the trial.

Alexis Cordero

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