Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making a Personal Response

Both the prejudice and justice are despicable in Chapter 17-22. However, the prejudice is what struck me the most deeply. Atticus, to the best of his ability, proves Tom Robinson innocent. He points out, in his last statement, that there was no evidence presented to indicate that Tom Robinson was guilty, only testimonies. It is all true, Tom Robinson is innocent and there is nothing in existence that can prove him otherwise... except for the words of white individuals. It is also true that Tom Robinson is a negro, therefore according to prejudice, he is guilty if at least one person who is white believe so.

Honestly speaking, I have not learned a single thing. I am aware that prejudice is a great plague in this world. Prejudice was always an issue throughout history and will forever to be so since time has no end. As a human of foreign descent in America, I am prone to prejudice. Prejudice causes one to become blind without losing eyesight, deaf without losing hearing, and mute without losing speech. Prejudice afflicts the mind with a cancer incurable.

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