Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Making a Personal Response

TKAM is a novel based on prejudice. Prejudice is not right. Even though Atticus was appointed to do this case and had no chose I feel as though if he did have a choice he still would stand up for Tom Robinson's rights. Atticus could have simply gave no interest and he didn't have to try his hardest but, he did. Atticus proved that Maycomb is PREJUDICE. He made Maycomb look as though they were bunch of idiots.
The event that proved to me that Tom Robinson was innocent was when Atticus told him to stand and he told Tom to catch the glass. Tom caught the glass with his right hand. Atticus told him to catch it again but this time with his left. Tom couldn't do it. The reason behind why Tom couldn't catch the glass with his left hand was because when he was twelve he got his arm stuck in a cotton gin. The cotton gin tore all of his muscles. His left arm is now useless. Another event about the trial that also has proven to me that Tom was not guilty was when Atticus told Mr.Ewell to write his name on a sheet of paper. It was a coincidence that Mr.Ewell was left handed and Mayella's right eye was blacked. When someone punches they punch across not straight. To me, Tom Robinson is innocent.
Simone P.

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