Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


“You may lie”. Hearing “You may lie”, that is something huge. I think that in a community where grammar is highly used, that is extremely odd to hear. This is odd because in this community everything is supposed to be perfect and there are to be absolutely no screw ups. Also lying is making a decision, and in this community you don't make choices for yourself, they are made for you. Being able to chose is what makes this community imperfect. Lying in general is a bad thing to do, but if you think about it that is what the head elders are doing to everyone in the community. In this community lying is against their law, but the head elders do it because they don't let these people know that there is more than just a few different communities out there.
To be completely honest we have no idea if there is more than just elsewhere. In my own opinion, if you have seen “The Maze Runner” I think it may be a bit like that, where there are scientist who are in control of the community. To be honest at this minute we can not make any assumptions just yet because we have exactly no idea what is out beyond the community. All that we know for right now is that this is a community of lies and liars. To me if I were to lie that would be a good and bad thing. this would be good because you could probably get away with a lot of things. According to,
Mark Twain once said “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything”. Thats how lying can go wrong, its better to just tell the truth than to lie, because when you lie the only person you hurt is yourself. Also lying makes you think that what ever you are lying about is the truth. A fact from states that ‘All Americans lie at least once a day and think they got away with it.” Also from this website I quote “Compulsive lying makes you smarter”, now look I do not agree with lying. But could lying make you smarter that is the question? I think that it may make you smarter, but you don’t have to always lie. Lying can also  be one of the WORST thing to do. Lying in my opinion is like a drug, and this drug is very addictive. I know people that are compulsive liars, and they tell me it’s hard to not lie sometimes.

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