Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Why Everyone Should Not Be The Same Skin Color (C.D.)

  The world would definitely not be a better place  if everyone was the same skin color. I mainly disagree with the statement, because if everyone was the same then we would lose our ethnic backgrounds and all of our traditions that we enjoy doing  with our families. Also, because everyone would have the same personality, so their would be no differences to enjoy about each other.  Another reason is because people wouldn't look at each other as an individuals, but as the same. Also another reasons are that people would not be able to express differences within one another.
Lastly if everyone was the same skin color the world would be boring, because their would be no fun holidays to celebrate, because we are all the same color skin. Also all of our history that we learn today would be totally different because we would all be the same color for example there would be no slaves so the Civil War would not have happened and also all of the other war between the different races that we have in our world today.  Overall, I strongly disagree with the statement, because I would would rather live with different races, because why can learn different things instead of being like everyone else around me.                 

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