Class of 2013

Class of 2013
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elementary School shooting

    During Friday at 9 pm, twenty children had died at Sandy Hook Elementary. These kids were going to school to learn. The kids at the school were looking forward to Christmas and spending time with there families. The kid's that had died had so much more life to live.  It's pretty insane because the shooter was the kindergarten teachers's son. The people in this world have to realize that they have to stop wearing about their self's.


  1. I thought you brought up a great point when you said that "The people in this world have to realize that they have to stop wearing about their self's.", because it is true. It was a terrible tragedy for the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary. Also, the kids there did have more life to live, no doubt about it. Great job!!!

    Tim N.-SGGS

  2. You are right, they had so much life in them and they didn't deserve that. It's a real shame they were so yough. I like your post. I think you have a few grammatical errors though. Good Job.

    ~ Allison K- sggs

  3. you are completely right and no one shiuld have their life taken away from them it is so disturbing.

    -donna h -sggs


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